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Goodvibes, always| Who the hell is Bucky?

Names Gertrudis; call me Tuly.| I'm a walking disaster.

Fandoms and music keep me sane. I make due with what I have and I'm happy.

*Treat people the way you want to be treated; .xx

favorite people: Chris Evans
”I decided to make ‘Captain America’ because I realized I wasn’t doing the film because it terrified me. You can’t make decisions based on fear.”




#HOLY FUCK JARED #its like the slide into ZEKE #the transformation is FANTASTICAL #you don’t even need the blue eye lights #GODDAMN (via buticancarryyou)

jared deserves all the awards

It is so amazing because every time I see a gif of Sam being possessed, you can just tell. You can tell - even without the blue eyes, or the black eyes from when he was possessed by Meg - that this isn´t Sam. This is someone else. Just by his body language and expression that Jared isn´t playing Sam in that moment.

Like, seriously, Jared is an amazing actor. If anyone tell me otherwise, I will sacrifice them to Satan

my 4 yr old nephew: *singing don't stop*
me: who sings that
nephew: the superheroes
me: what are they called
nephew: 5 socks
me: close enough


Chris Evans + “Why Can’t I Just Grab a Man’s (and My Own) Left Boob in Friendship”

Bonus: Backhanding Chris Hemsworth

Distractions during the day make it seem like what happened was a lie. Like it never occurred and it was just some sick scenario my mind conjured up. But then I look at my dog and the way he looks at me & his eyes tell me that’s not true. I try and let my mind get lost in music and it feels good. I drift off and everything seems back to normal… But when I try to sleep I wake up in cold sweats and my body feels paralyzed… Fear creeps over my back and clamps down on my shoulders….my eyes begin to water… “It’ll get better,” “you’re safe now” I tell myself but I can’t fall back asleep? My eyes are so heavy and I can’t sleep. Living in constant fear is no way to live a life but where do you go? How do you move forward? I am safe. My family is safe…. Why can’t I sleep? I just want to sleep..

Dylan O’Brien+puppies







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